Hello!  My name is Chloe! I am currently finishing up my third year here at The Ohio State University. I am studying Biology and am hoping to attend Veterinarian school in the future. I currently have a pet cat named Rory, who loves to keep me busy by playing fetch and being the best study buddy. My husband and I love hiking and are aspiring tent campers! As someone who is very curious, I love understanding the world around me. I look forward to gaining knowledge about the plants surrounding me here in Ohio! 

For my coat of arms, I drew a small cat at the top lefthand corner. I currently work as a Vet assistant at a feline practice and really enjoy learning about cat behavior and enrichment. I believe cats are often underestimated animals and deserve a little more credit.

The bottom left-hand corner has the name of the town I grew up in, Bellefontaine, and a small fountain drawn beside it. The fountain in our town is certainly a staple and just something I associate with the name.

My quote is “Live, Laugh, Love.” It’s often something I find myself saying when life gets a little crazy. I think it’s just a way I pause for a moment and remember the simple things.

Lastly, my favorite plant is a plant that we used to grow in my home garden. As it was a home in a highly wooded area, it was the perfect habitat for bleeding heart flowers. They still to this day are my favorite flower. I love their color and their shape!