Hi! My name is Megan, and I’m a 5th year forestry, fisheries, and wildlife student focused in wildlife biology. I’ve never taken a botany class before, as I can’t say I’ve ever had an inherent interest in plants, but I’m definitely excited to learn more about them! I’m not sure if I could pick a favorite plant – I’ve seen such a wide variety of them in my years of growing up in the great outdoors that I’ve learned that all plants have their own beauty, benefits, and characteristics that make each one unique and special.

If I had to choose, I would likely default to some species of evergreen, since I have very fond memories of climbing them with my cousins for hours at a time. I can still feel the way the branches scraped against every exposed inch of skin, and taste the needles and sap clouding the thick summer air. It’s a nostalgic feeling that simultaneously makes me ache and comforts me.

My coat of arms, I feel, is a fairly balanced representation of who I am. The corner with the symbols has many different things I’m interested in, most focused around wildlife and being outdoors. Being raised on a farm, I was outdoors more than I was indoors growing up, and I’ve carried that passion with me as I’ve grown into a professional. Below that is my hometown, or the area thereof – born and raised in southwestern Ohio, I’m proud to call myself a Cincinnati native (although, clearly, I can’t spell it).

Adjacent to my hometown is my major – like mentioned above, I’m a FFW student at (THE) Ohio State University, and my ideal career path would be pursuing conservation ecology and managing wild populations, including rehabilitating animals and conserving populations that are threatened so that we do not lose any more of our wonderful biodiversity in the world.

Finally, the quote I chose for myself is one of my favorites – “Live like someone left the gate open”, because you have not seen sheer joy for life until you have seen a cow who has realized you didn’t close the gate behind you when you left.

Aside from college, I enjoy reading, playing video games, birdwatching, and exploring Columbus (where I have very recently moved to!) with my wonderful fiancĂ© and our cat, Charlie. In my spare time, I’m a (wannabe) novelist, and I hope to very soon have a completed draft of my novel, regardless of whether or not it goes anywhere anytime soon.